A Swiss Army Knife that technically supports, advises and guides startups & companies in all things geek.

Our Goal

We help startups and entrepreneurs
build great ideas!
From the suit and tie to the flip-flops.
The most talented geeks all in one box helping you
Brainstorm, Validate, Prototype and Launch!

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Cloud Based Solutions

Scale your online business, whether it’s a content based product or a real-time service, we got it.

UI & UX Design

We basically make your product look pretty…PRETTY AWESOME!

Data Science & Machine Learning

Massive amounts of data all analyzed to make sense and give you valuable knowledge.

Digital Marketing

We’ll show you how to get the word out about your product without breaking a sweat.

Construction Work

Seriously we do everything!

Mobile Application Development

Any mobile, Any App (PERIOD)


Curious about what we’re good at? Check out our skills below to see exactly what we rock at.

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Geeks of JoGeeks

From far away, we seem normal.

Ahmed Akour
(The Dreamer)

Data Science, Analytics, Mobile Monetization

Raed Marji
(The Critic)

Product Management, Business Intelligence

Firas AlKafri
(The Realist)

High Priest of Technical Innovation & Automation Expert

Marwan Soudi
(The Strategyzer)

Go-To-Market-Strategy | Gamification and UX Evangelist

Upcoming geek
(I’m Coming soon)

Geeking up

The Buzz
(Coming Soon)

Growth & Digital Marketing Geek

Fellow Geeks


We’re proud to announce a first of its kind community partnership with fellow geeks that we’ve united all in one box. These are some of the geeks that have created great work and awesome projects in various fields and scopes.

From grammar aficionados that write and create great blogs & content, talented artists and designers in branding and front-end development, to digital marketing geeks that spend their time analyzing numbers, conversions and click through rates, making sure you grab your audience.

We’ve got it all, and they are the fellow geeks!

488 days, 10 hours, 19 minutes ago

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